Happy New Year

Dear friends!

Wishing you a light and love filled 2017! I hope to continue to share my music and creations with you as long as you feel it can touch and serve you!

Thank you for an absolutely pivotal 2016, all the gifts I received, all the gifts I was able to share, all the creation, the work and practice, the patience and faith, all your support and love, all the transformation and metamorphosis, all the growth and with it all the pain, all the gratitude and humility in the face of loss, all the people that have left my life and all the people that came into my life, all the truth I was able to speak and express and all the healing that I witnessed, for all of it I am deeply grateful!

I have been silent in my sharing during the month of December of 2016 because I was recording my Solo album and then packed and flew to Montreal where I was training for my two roles that I will be playing in the Cirque du Soleil Show called KURIOS, which is touring the US and Canada the whole of 2017!

That basically means that I don’t have a static home this whole year which is so exciting and so terrifying at the same time!
In the last week and still in the midst of it, I am packing and letting go of a lot of stuff!

Memories, the past, my identity, sentimentalities, all of it is so hard to let go but feels so good once its done and is creating so much space and lightness and the more I let go of, the more excited and full of energy I feel!

Not having a home is not a new feeling for me as I’ve been an immigrant since the age of eight and I have learned to adapt to any situation throughout those years but this time it feels different and more liberating than ever!

Especially as I am starting to harvest and cultivate the feeling of home more and more in deep connection to myself and my friends which are distributed over the whole wide world, its easier and easier to feel “at home” anywhere I go!

In 5 days I depart to Miami, the first city where I will be performing with KURIOS and I am super excited to meet the whole crew and my friends with whom i’ll be spending A LOT of time this year.

Over 325 shows are awaiting us which will be fun but also hard!
The show is exceptionally good and I hope to see some of you in any of the cities we will be playing.

See our schedule here: www.cirquedusoleil.com/kurios/tour-dates

Next to daily shows with KURIOS, I will continue to work on my Solo album which is being produced by DAVID TORN. I will record the second part of the album next month and then it will be mixed, mastered and released hopefully early summer! This years Solo and Band performances will be listed on my website! Stay tuned on the progress via Facebook and my Newsletter please!

As soon as I get settled into the show, I will start new online sharings and projects of my own songs and creativity via video and audio, so stay tuned, watch, listen, share, like and show your love!

A new website is also on the way and I am planing to release it in the first half of 2017. I am still looking for someone to help me create and design it, so if you have a hit, please let me know!

I will continue to teach via Skype, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me about lessons.

Next to all of this I am excited to spend time with my friends
in love, play and connection and last but not least,
I am open to the Universes own plan for me and for it to guide me where it wants me and where I am meant to be!

Thank you!
I love you!