Solo Album Update

Dear, patient, friends and supporters!

I am writing to you to give you an update on the project of my solo acoustic album that you have so generously supported.

The post production/mixing of the album has taken longer than anticipated. I myself was waiting for it for over a year. By the end of last year, we found a label that is very interested in releasing this project.
Although, it is not certain at this point, if this particular label and I will come to an agreement, if we do, then the release is planned for beginning of 2019.

That’s quite a long time from now on, and I already feel like I have been waiting for a century, so I am very sorry to have to announce such a huge delay. I wish that this process could have been accelerated.

In the mean time, I decided I will record more songs that will be added to the album, which will, at least for me, make the waiting easier and the project won’t feel so outdated.

My initial plan was to send the rewards together with the digital download and physical copy of the album (for the people that ordered the physical copy), but if you feel, you would like to have sent you reward sooner, please let me know!

In the meantime, the best way to be updated on what I am doing, is to follow me on social media, as I don’t send out newsletters too often.

Additionally with this update I want to feature my dear friend and most fun collaborator, the photographer, graphic designer and videographer,
Krysta Brayer!

During the solo album recording at the amazing Brooklyn Recording Studio, she took some wonderful photos that captured the atmosphere very well. Please enjoy and make sure to check out her work on her website,

In any case, as soon as I have a definite release date, you will be the first ones to be notified! Thank you, once again, for your patience, love and support!

Yours, Lana

All photos © Krysta Brayer 2017.