“Layers Leaving” – New Video Out Now!

My newest song, video and fourth visual directorial work “Layers Leaving” has dropped!

This production is a piece of beautiful art work and was created with blood and sweat of so many talented artists! It was truly special and magical to work with all of you, and I am forever grateful to have had the honor of receiving your precious time, talent and dedication. Thank you!

Full length solo album “SAMA” is out since September 28th, 2018 and available here: https://lanacencic.lnk.to/sama

Be real cool and download it on Bandcamp (mostly supports and benefits independant artists like me) or be just cool and listen to it on your Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify or whatever streaming service you prefer and are subscribed to. Thank you!

“Layers Leaving”

Music, Lyrics, Arrangement, Keyboard, Piano and Voice by Lana Cencic.
Guitars, Production, Arrangement, Mix and Master by David Torn.
Recorded by Daniel James Goodwin at Brooklyn Recording Studios, 2016.

Video and Visual Concept, Direction, Production: Lana Cencic
Video and Visual Concept, 16MM Film and Editing: Zeljka Blaksic aka Gita Blak
Videography: Krysta Brayer and Riho Hayashi
Production and Assistance: Riho Hayashi
Choreography: Yasuharu Kawage, Aya Inoue, Lan Cencic
Dance Production: Kaz Ikeda, Lana Cencic
Dancers and Improvisors: Kaz Ikeda, Yasuharu Kawage, Aya Inoue, Yoko Yano, Kensuke Asada, Chino Yokoyama, Shuhei Meguri
Hand Artistry: Nico Baixas

Made in Tokyo and New York 2018