New video: “Ophidia” by TÍHO

My deepest gratitude goes out to the genius musicians that played on this song!

Violine – Paul Lazar
Cello – Guillaume Bongiraud
Drums – Herbert Pirker
Bass – Frederico Heliodoro

Mastering – Peter Beckmann

Music, Lyrics, Arrangement, Guitar, Keys, Voice, Mixing, Production and Video by TÍHO.

Thank you with all my heart! 


So can you help me, heal me and deeply feel me?
Then don’t be scared , my poison is as poisonous as yours.

Unraveling pathways, doorways, you’ll get in your way
You will accomplish what you came to do


How will you show me, teach me and then allow me
to meet you and to join you in the darkness of my soul?

Will you just bite me, drink me or will you fight me?
I will surrender to the remedy you hold


It’s been eating me real slow alive, as I hide, and I lied
Never to reveal my inner mind
Burst in flames of fury, I’m in a war
I am soar, from the roar
It’s a fire, alarm I can’t ignore

Remedies, past lives, this life and future new lives
I feel it’s all just happening right now and at the same time
Desire to meet me is yours as strong as mine is
Because what I want also wants me

AKM/ASCAP All rights reserved 2020 Lana Cencic.