New Video: “Share Water”

Hey everyone, excited to release my new video for my song “Share Water” which is out on Bandcamp!

I wrote this song a few years back when I was living in Brooklyn, for the plants that graced my apartment and in fact to all plants, nature and wild life. 

The recording, producing and mixing of the song took a few years. Parts of it were recorded in 2018 but most parts in 2020. 

I kept working, pausing and returning to the song while my life was taking many turns this year with losing a job, losing my father, moving 4 times, one of those remotely, emptying out old apartments in cities I lived in, returning back home to the country of my birth and ending up living on an island until further notice. 

This song is about the connection and relationship to Mother Earth that we still fail to nourish enough. The message is the I am ready to listen, observe and learn from nature. 

The message is that I know that I haven’t always lived my life in a way that showed  respect where one was needed and now I am ready to take ownership and to change my ways.

Maybe now, for the first time in our lives, we are starting to understand how important all the things of grounding and nourishment are, like family, friends, a safe home, and food on the table, that Mother Earth relentlessly provides for. 

How can we be more a part of this eco system and live in a healthy and sustainable way, together in healthy communities, rather than exploiting the earth, each other and only caring about ourselves? 

I dont know……., I think we can start small but we have to start. 

I want to thank all the beautiful people that were a partt of this project: 

Frederico Heliodoro – Bass
Nate Wood – Mastering 
Martin Fowler – Mixing Mentor 
Sirma Munyar – Vocal Production Mentor 
Soundfly for their support and resources 
Gabriel Beaudoin for his camera work and his never ending love and upliftment

Song, Lyrics, Vox, Keys, Tabla, Arrangement, Production, Mixing and Video by 


Hope you enjoy the song and the video, and if you do, please feel free to share!

Thank you