“NOmore” IS OUT NOW!!!

Lana Cenčić

Released on September 24th, 2021

“NOmore” is a song that could only be sung to the world as I didn’t find the courage to say it to the world. I was inspired by Grimes and her song Oblivion where she managed to write a light and elevating song which is actually about something painful and dark.

It takes time, strength and healing to get to this place of empowerment after a traumatic experience but this moment is the actual feeling I wanted to capture and portray in the song. There are predators out there and it’s easy to fall prey to them as a lot of them are high profile manipulators and while they’re doing you wrong, will make you think that what is happening is acceptable.

So remember this, if you ever start feeling that something doesn’t feel right, and someone is crossing your boundary, take action right away. Don’t wait before it’s too late!


Music, Lyrics, Voice, Production and Mixing by Lana Cenčić
Mastering by Tiny Thunder Audio