Dear friends,

My first “New York band” Europe tour! Hooray!

I am so delighted, excited, totally and completely psyched to share the music, played by this exquisite band, of my last record and the upcoming album with the European folks

The band consists of:

Brandon Seabrook: Guitar
Jesske Hume: Bass, Vocals
Dan Weiss: Drums
Lana Is: Piano, Vocals

Tuesday, March 8thAlterna Music Bar, Brno (CZ)
Wednesday, March 9thJazzdock, Prag (CZ)
Friday, March 11thKlosterscheune, Zehdenick (D)
Saturday, March 12thb-flat, Berlin (D)
Sunday, March 13thMusig im Pflegidach, Muri (CH)
Monday, March 14thHotel Schweizerhof, Zurich (CH)
Tuesday, March 15thPostgarage, Graz (AUT)
Wednesday, March 16thJenuesse Zyklus “All that Jazz” @ Porgy&Bess, Wien (AUT)

If youre in any of these cities, please please stop by and please please share these events and tell your friends about it. This is a rare opportunity to see and hear the project i have been working on and molding over the last 6 years. I am endlessly grateful for all the musicians that have been working with me on this baby over the years and now slowly it is starting to sound like i faintly envisioned it would sound.

I have always been a slow ‘evolver’ and transformer, or at least this is how it feels to me personally. I have accepted my tempo and the way of things and am starting to enjoy this rhythm a lot.
My dream is to be able to share this music with a broad audience and so i am sending these wishes out into the skies!

Lets get those venues packed!
With deep gratitude!